My Story

In 2015 I gave birth via emergency caesarean section to my first child. The experience gave me lots to think about birth and how unprepared I was. 

During the pregnancy I had the approach that you didn't need to prepare for these things, that birth just happens. Well, I wish I knew then what I know now about Hypnobirthing Australia TM, my outcome may not have changed by my perspective and the journey would be different.


I fell pregnant with my second daughter in 2017 and I knew that I wanted a vaginal birth, (VBAC - Vaginal birth after caesarean). Once I was cleared by my doctor that this was possible I signed up for the Positive Birth Program. 

Leading into my second birth I carried lots of fear and anxiety with me. I didn't wish have the same experience.  I dived right into the Hypnobirthing Program, I put in the effort and work required, I removed the fear, changed my mindset, learnt the techniques, I was confident and ready to birth. And I did, my second child was born naturally in under 3 hours!

This moment, the moment of achieving a positive birth was an awakening for me. I am going to be modest, I was so proud of myself! 

Holding my little girl in my arms, taking in every moment of this birth, the oxytocin was very high! 

My complete different birth experiences and how I felt afterwards were worlds apart. I knew that from applying myself to the course, implementing what I had learned, removing the feat and letting go had made such a difference in my birth experience that when I was ready to birth my 3rd child I was more than ready. 

My journey opened my eyes to how women are being condition to fear birth. We are constantly bombarded with horror stories, painful movie scenes and scary risk statistics that make us questions our very own innate ability to give birth. 

Learning and understanding your body and the birth process, using the techniques that are taught in this course is why I became a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I want every woman to know what they are capable of, to feel confident and empowered within their bodies, to trust themselves, to let go and to have a positive birth. 

Orange Clouds

My Approach

Birth is a personal experience and I want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. 

After a warm welcome and introductions we will dive straight into the Hypnobirthing Australia TM Positive Birth Program. 

While there is a lot to cover in the course, I will take the time to explain each unit and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask any questions you have at any stage. 

This is the most important but also exciting time of your life and I want to share in that excitement with you and witness the change in your perception and anticipation for birth.


I offer a relaxed, fun and informative class. I want you leaving each session feeling you can take on the world, that you are fully empowered and in control of your birth while also still aware to laugh, smile and enjoy the the birth of your baby. 

500 x 500 This Practitioner is certified to teach the Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth E