What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing and the Positive Birth Program is a course designed to teach women and their support partners on how to best prepare for birth. The focus is on achieving a natural birth, however if the medical need arises the same tools and techniques can be applied to a cesarean birth.  It is a natural approach to childbirth, empowering women with their rights, information on medical procedures, birthing positions, maintaining a calm mindset and trusting their bodies.  One of the main goals is to remove fear from birth, keep calm, be confident and achieve a positive birth outcome. The "Hypno" part of Hypnobirthing refers to the meditation and fear release techniques taught to mothers so they can have a more calm, relaxed and even enjoyable birth. 

When is the best time to complete the course?

It is recommended that the course be completed between 20-33 weeks, however it can be completed at any stage of pregnancy. This gives you enough time to practice but do not stress if you are outside this timeframe, you can still attend the class and achieve a positive birth. 

Yourself and your chosen birth partner. Your birth partner can be anyone that you trust and will be able to handle the role of a support partner. This can be your partner, doula, sister, mother or friend. It is your choice in who you want there to support you. 

For the class, please bring an exercise ball if you have one, water and some lunch, there will be snacks, tea and coffee provided and wear comfortable clothing. 

I am located in Frankston South, on the Mornington Peninsula. Group classes are held in Seaford and personal sessions  can be held at your home or a suitable location, depending on the travel distance. 

No! In fact when I attended the course I was pregnant with my second child. Most women who do the course are having their first baby, however it is beneficial for women in their first, second, third or even more to complete the course. We are constantly learning and sometimes a first birth experience is not the greatest or you desire a different outcome, completing the course for your next birth can help heal any previous traumatic birth experience and best prepare yourself for our current birth.