Private Session - Positive Birth Program

An intimate private session with myself, you and your support partner. With the flexibility of booking a time and location that suites you, a private session enables a more focused and in depth course and discussion into birth and how to best prepare. A private session can be held in your home, online or at a comfortable location. You have the option of completing the course over 2 days or over several sessions. The private course fee is $895.00. Contact me below to arrange for your very own private course. 

More Information

You will receive the, tuition, recordings, folio of recourses, eBook and ongoing support.

It is recommended that this course is done between 20 - 33 weeks of pregnancy, however it can be done at any stage.


Course Overview

Unit 1 - Creating & maintaining a positive mindset.

               Topics cover:

               An introduction to Hypnobirthing.

               The mind/body connection.

               The role of our caregivers.

               Our hormones are our friends.

               Understanding the physiology behind birthing.

               Birthing environment.

               Language & affirmations.


Unit 2 - Your toolkit for birth.

                Topics covered:

                Birth music & hypnosis tracks.

                Hypnotic anchors & triggers.

                Acupressure & massage techniques.


                Relaxation, surge & bearing down breathing skills.


Unit 3 - Preparation & choices for empowered birthing.

               Topics covered:

                Bonding with baby.

                Birth preferences.

                Researching common interventions and procedures.

                Making informed decisions.

                Preparing the body.

               Optimizing baby's position.

               Self hypnosis, meditation and deep relaxation techniques & scripts.


Unit 4 - Birth - bringing it all together.

               Topics covered:

               What to expect.

               Signs that labour is starting.

               Birth partner's role.

               Using water during labour & birth.

               Upright positioning, movement and birth positions.

               Special circumstances.

               Fear release.

               Cord clamping & placenta delivery.

               Bonding & breastfeeding time, skin to skin.

               What to expect afterwards.

               A practice routine - preparation for birth.

Plus lots more topics and in depth discussions.

Cost $895.00